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These might be public domain, but please don't sell them as-is.
Also a credit or a shoutout would be appreciated but not necessary.

Some screenshot have some textures or models that aren't included.
I'll replace them later on.

2144No3 Procedural
BerryCup412No1 Textured
BirdPlush166Bones3 Simple
No1 Procedural 1 Simple
Chair304No1 Procedural
Cigarette40Keys1 Textured
CRT190No1 Video 1 Simple
1 Procedural
DiningTable728No1 Procedural
Drawer274No2 Simple
DuckMascot845Bones, Keys
1 Textured 4 Simple
ExtremeMaiden2750Bones2 Procedural 1 Simple
Fisu242Bones3 Procedural
Flower50No2 Procedural
Froge387Bones, Keys
3 Simple
Kaijuhouses204k/5No2 Procedural 2 Simple
Bones, Keys
4 Simple
Meteors1756/16No1 Procedural
Nonion362/2No2 Procedural
Peas96/3No1 Simple
Potato266No1 Simple
RTG2166No1 Textured 2 Procedural
Shotgun434No2 Simple
Skybox (WIP)ProceduralGeometry
3 Procedural 1 Simple
Snowplow1350No3 Procedural 1 Simple
Spaceship (WIP)4993No3 Procedural 1 Simple
Tableware1211/5No2 Simple
TavernBarrel883No4 Missing
TavernTable248No1 Procedural
Torch271No3 Simple



- Why .blend files? Can I have .whatever?
The files are in .blend so you can export them yourself to whatever format.
This is also to encourage you to modify the models instead of mindlessly asset flipping them.

- Can't export the procedural materials as textures?
Bake them with cycles to texture files. *todo: link a tutorial here

- I don't have Blender?
Install it. It's free and invaluably cool tool.
It's also available on Steam if you're into automatic updates.

- But I use Maya/3ds Max/Cinema 4D, I don't wanna install Blender?
If you can afford licenses for those softwares you can afford to buy 3D models off some asset store.

- Wanna model something for me?
Ask me in the discussion!


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bed.blend 1 MB
berrycup.zip 541 kB
birdplush.blend 1 MB
candle.blend 979 kB
chair.blend 853 kB
Cigarette.zip 173 kB
crt.zip 1 MB
dakimakura.blend 1 MB
diningtable.blend 928 kB
drawer.blend 805 kB
duckmascot.zip 165 kB
extrememaiden.blend 1 MB
fisu.blend 867 kB
flower.blend 718 kB
froge.blend 1 MB
kaijuhouses.blend 16 MB
magpie.blend 1 MB
meteors.blend 1 MB
nonion.blend 969 kB
peas.blend 705 kB
pentagramplate.blend 548 kB
potato.blend 672 kB
RTG.zip 173 kB
shotgun.blend 876 kB
skyboxtobedone.blend 1 MB
sled.blend 508 kB
snowplow.blend 1 MB
spaceship.blend 1 MB
tableware.blend 658 kB
tavernbarrel.blend 712 kB
taverntable.blend 653 kB
torch.blend 685 kB

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